About This Site

Everyone wants to make a contribution to society, to leave their own little mark on the world. This website is my mark. It provides a public space where people can post sightings of beaver-like mammals (BLMs). Did you spot a BLM at the corner of 10th Street and West Main? Does a BLM emerge from the bushes by your back porch every evening around 6pm? Did you catch a glimpse of a BLM out of your car window on the way home on Thursday night? Submit your sighting to beaverlikemammals.com!

beaverlikemammals.com was inspired by a beaver-like mammal who I discovered living behind my apartment building on April 27, 2006. I have since christened the BLM “Dandy”. At the time, I posted the following about Dandy on my website somecows.com:

I just discovered that this adorable beaver-like mammal (BLM) lives right behind my building. I can see the door to his/her house from my balcony. We are neighbors! Here is a photo – he/she is right there in the middle.

I always thought that big pile of crap that the beaver is emerging from was just…well…a big pile of crap that my neighbors for some reason kept in their yard. But now, I am thinking maybe it is a specially-constructed beaver house. I know they have a chicken in their yard, because it squawks and wakes me up every morning, so maybe they are animal lovers and thus are prone to doing things such as building beaver abodes.


Afterwards, I got to thinking how nice it would be if all people could have a place to come together and post their own sightings of BLMs. And so, beaverlikemammals.com was born. Except originally I was going to call it ispyabeaver.com. But that domain was taken.

I guess that’s just about the end of the story. This site is dedicated to BLMs everywhere, and of course to my own BLM, Paco: