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Welcome chipmunk

My Aunt Holly writes: On Wednesday, during this glorious weather we have been having here in Connecticut, I was out in the backyard surveying all the work to be done and also feeding the birds / squirrels when out of … Continue reading

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A beaver bonanza!

Wow, today was a rich, rich day in terms of beaver sightings! Maybe the richest day ever! Walter claimed to have stumbled upon a beaver dam in the woods by his house and he took me there to check it … Continue reading

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Do hair and nipples a BLM make?

Michael writes: This beaver-like freak of nature jumped on me this morning when I was trying to sleep. I’m not sure what it is, but it has hair and nipples, so it must be a mammal.

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Cultured BLM on Route 250

Liz writes: Between the exits for Dairy and McIntyre, across from the “art-in-place”, I frequently see a little groundhog in the grass as I pass by. Today, even though blustery and cold, he was out. Undoubtedly, he was investigating the … Continue reading

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He has risen! An Easter BLM sighting

My mom writes: Just wanted to let you know that your Aunt Roe and I, while driving over to pick up Grandma, spotted a beaver like mammal on I91 between exits 37 and 38. It was approximately at 12:27PM. The … Continue reading

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My Aunt Holly spies a beaver

Hey Phoebe – I am so excited because I saw a beaver just in time for your new web site. Because of all the rain we had here last week in Connecticut, a large pool formed in my next door … Continue reading

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A philosophical post

Hayley writes: Behind my house there is a creek, and I sometimes take my dogs to swim in it although not as often now because my chihuahua crawls down groundhog holes and I am terrified they will bury him and … Continue reading

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First international sighting!

Greg writes: In the summer of 1995 a friend and I were staying at a lodge in North Ontario (just like the CSNY ditty). We were told of an old tradition where in one takes a map of the local … Continue reading

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One photogenic groundhog

Alison writes: dear fellow rodent lover, i thought you might appreciate these photos of a groundhog we discovered in my backyard on cherry ave last year. i dont recall the exact date of the sighting, but it was sometime in … Continue reading

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My mom has also contributed…

July 1993, in a wooded area near Cornell [University]. Roger and I saw what appeared to be a beaver swimming across a small pond. There was also a dam at one end of the pond. I feel that it was … Continue reading

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