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BLMs Grant & Lee

Judy writes: I have 4 acres in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I have two species in my yard.  The one that lives on the west side eats apples from my yard.  I believe it is a wood chuck.  On the … Continue reading

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I am the Dear Abby of beaver identification

Hello faithful readers. It is spring, the time when beaver-like mammals, and websites devoted to beaver-like mammals, come out of hibernation. We are awake! At this time of year some people are praying for bountiful summer harvests. I pray for … Continue reading

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A Belmont BLM

A few years ago, word on the street was that all the BLMs were moving to Belmont because it was *the* hot new neighborhood. Well, times have changed, and I was really concerned that a tepid real estate market paired … Continue reading

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My Aunt Holly continues to keep the faith…

…which is more than I can say for most of my friends and acquaintances. I know *some* of you have seen BLMs this summer. Come on! Hi Phoebe – On Sunday, June 29 at 11:30 AM, I spotted from the … Continue reading

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There is a town called Braddock, Pennsylvania

braddock: a flourishing city of 20,000 residents. home to andrew carnegie’s first steel mill and free library. wealth. amenities. expansive shopping district. dozens of churches. movie theaters. furniture stores. breweries. schools. braddocc: a malignantly beautiful town of 2,500 residents. unofficially … Continue reading

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For those who enjoy gossiping about beavers

We have achieved our second piece of press coverage! Thanks for spreading the word about this website.

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UBLM: Unidentified Beaver-Like Mammal

Dianna provides us with our first submission from Illinois: Okay. I have searching the internet all day to figure out what I saw this past Saturday. I wish I had taken a picture, but I was just trying to figure … Continue reading

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First submission of 2008!

Skip writes: You should ask WBLM radio in Portland, Maine to link to your site. The generally leave off the “W” when doing station identifications and just use “BLM”. Anyway, my name is Skip and I saw this really tame … Continue reading

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I live in the Number One City for Beaver Like Mammals!

Bill writes: From my back porch sometimes I can see as many as 3 BLMs at once, scattered across my neighbors’ yards. The City is to BLMs as Shenandoah National Park is to deer. The City is a place where … Continue reading

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BLMs enjoy delicious southern foods

Today I received this fantastic submission: My name is Miss Butler. One day I was looking out my sister’s patio in Grandview, Missouri (that’s right off Jackson and Blue Ridge Blvd) and I saw this BLM and was able to … Continue reading

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