BLMs raise moral issues

Liana writes:

I watched this video on youtube and it made me think of “beaverlikemammals”. Technically, it’s a squirrel, but this squirrel exhibits distinctly beaver-like swimming abilities.

When I watched the video, I was torn. The squirrel *does* exhibit beaver-like swimming abilities, but I was concerned that perhaps it was suffering from its ordeal. We at don’t want to post any sightings that involve BLM suffering.So, I wrote back to Liana. I said:

Thanks for sending this video. That squirrel is definitely a good swimmer. The only thing is, I am worried about what happens to the squirrel. I don’t want to post anything on the site that is mean. Do you think those people got the squirrel out of the pool?

And then she wrote:

I obviously don’t know the outcome since the video is all I have to go on, but given that it is an inflatable pool, I would imagine that the people could bend one side down, allowing water and beaverlikemammal to escape unharmed.

And then I didn’t write anything for a while and then she wrote:

I double-checked my source on the swimming squirrel, and it appears he escaped unharmed. Really, it’s a tale of heroic rescue!According to youtube member brvs24:”We found this squirrel swimming in our pool, and figured that he’d been in there a while, since he was exhausted after we got him out!”

So, I guess I feel satisfied that the BLM was saved and that this is OK to post.

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