A Belmont BLM

A few years ago, word on the street was that all the BLMs were moving to Belmont because it was *the* hot new neighborhood. Well, times have changed, and I was really concerned that a tepid real estate market paired with unwise mortgage choices might have caused the BLMs to flee. Luckily, my good friend Heather just spotted a BLM right in the heart of Belmont. And it’s a fat one at that, so it’s obviously doing OK. Thank goodness:

OMG, OMG, I just saw a huge BLM – in my backyard in Belmont! It lives under my neighbor’s dilapidated shed just on the other side of the fence and is a never ending source of aggravation for Miss Izzy, the younger of my two dogs, and, by extension, all of the neighbors within earshot. I just stepped out onto the back porch to let the pups out and there it was in my back yard making a dash for the shrubs along the fence line. God knows how it got into the puppy-proofed yard, but you can be sure I’ll be investigating. Izzy’s down there now madly dashing up and down the fence line trying to follow the scent.  

As for a description, all I can offer is fat, round, brown, and fast.

Cheers, Heather  

Thanks Heather! Keep dogs and BLMs separated, please.

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