Dandy sighting! Exciting beaver behavior!

Well, I have two very exciting things to report. They take place over the course of about a week. Last weekend I was sitting on my porch and to my surprise, I looked up and saw what I thought was a BLM in a tree. And this was no squirrel, it was a very beavery BLM. High on the scale of beaver-likeness. I had no idea that BLMs of this type climbed trees so I was very surprised. I was not able to get a photo of the BLM in the tree, but I did snap a shot of the location. See below. In the photo, the approximate location of the BLM is marked with an “A”, and Dandy’s House is marked with a “B”. (See here for more info on Dandy.)


I’ve been keeping it to myself, but I’ve been really worried by the fact that I have not seen Dandy yet this season. I don’t know if this BLM was Dandy, but it was encouraging. The tree climbing I sort of wrote off as a figment of my imagination.

Fast forward to today. I was, once again, sitting on my balcony when I looked up and definitely saw a BLM up a tree. There was no denying it this time, it was clear as day! So, BLM’s do climb trees! Someone alert the scientists who study this sort of thing! I was able to snap these two photos of the BLM:



After I took these photos the BLM gallomped away and a while later I saw him sticking his head out of Dandy’s door! So I guess it is Dandy! Or at least Dandy’s house guest!


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3 Responses to Dandy sighting! Exciting beaver behavior!

  1. Charlotte says:

    Wow it’s like a big fat guinea pig! I am jealous that you can see these types of things from your porch. In London we only have squirrels and rats and the mice in the underground. Do any of those count? On Thursday I sighted a dead rat, in my flat, from my cat.

  2. Chris says:

    I’ve known since 1996 that Beavers found our farm in New Jersey. They have been living quite sucessfully here and have created bigger and larger wet-lands. Yesterday, though I had a lifetime experience…I couldnt figure out what I was looking at crossing the field, moving easily, smoothly a large dark mass…two beavers moving as one. They followed a swale towards another field-paddock ..and were obviously intimidated by the horses and the fence. Casually they turned around and retraced their path and as I watched with binoculars they dove into the pond..wished I had the time to take photos…

  3. n voegtle says:

    have observed a single beaver along river road near port imperial, n.j.,
    hanging out along w/ variety of ducks and geese recently. 5/5/09. always around 5-5:30

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