An “A” for effort

Colin writes:

I was killing time in the UVA cemetery near Gilmer Hall. It’s something I do when I’m bored. Not very much moves in a cemetery, so the BLM easily caught my attention. I watched it run across a few yards of cemetery and then it disappeared between two flat gravestones. I thought it was just hiding, so I walked up to it slowly. BLMs seem really really unhappy to be photographed. When I got closer, I noticed it had dug a hole underneath one of the gravestones. And there were lots of flies coming out of the hole. Kind of really gross, actually, and I just tried not to think too much about it. I waited and waited and waited for the BLM to come out. This is the best I could do. S/he was a very bashful beaver like mammal. Plus I only had my camera phone, so it’s not so perfect. Now I know where s/he lives though, so I’ll be back.

Colin sent three photos with his submission, which are posted below. Colin definitely deserves an “A” for effort, and I think we all need to stop and pause and consider the fact that Colin really is a model BLM sighting submitter, what with his quick thinking, ability to use a camera phone, and informative blurb. Thanks Colin!




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  1. tom&cheryl says:

    My daughter and I visited Wintergreen resort this past weekend. I wanted to travel over the mountain on the old Howardsville Turnpike and we eventually ended up at Wintergreen. We saw a few BLM’s waddling about the resort and actually saw one resting in its hole. I looked in and and told my daughter to look too. I wish we had a camera so we could have posted that cute little (dirty) face looking up at us. The BLM’s home looked a little like this one except among large snow making equipment instead of tombstones. Maybe they slide around on the ice in the winter (after the humans leave)?

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