Colin writes:

I was playing Super Mario 64 (it’s the one for the Nintendo 64 from the
mid-90s). I downloaded it on my Wii last night and spent most of the
night remembering being 19. Anyway, imagine my surprise when Mario
turned a corner and came upon two beaver like mammals. They were so
cute! But these beaver like mammals were ornery…they threw rocks at
me! Bad beaver like mammals. I jumped over them, though, instead of
jumping on their heads. Mario is a peaceful Italian when it comes to
beaver like mammals.

Colin’s previous submission illustrates his handiness with a camera phone and willingness to leap into action at the sight of a BLM. This submission shows that he has an alert mind and is open to the possibility of spotting BLMs in all sorts of different environments. Think outside the box, people. There are BLMs everywhere.

Below, please find a screenshot of the BLM. I assume it is the creature on the right side of the screen, about half way up? To me, it looks sort of like a seal. In a good way.


By the way, Colin, did you take a screen shot of your TV with your cell phone? That’s some hot technology-on-technology action.

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