I finally got a camera phone

And I took this photo of a BLM on the corner where McIntire intersects 250. I was driving at the time, and leaning out the window, and I can’t believe it worked, but you definitely can see the little BLM in the middle of the picture to the right. I often see a BLM at this location, I assume it’s the same one each time, and I am happy to see he/she made it through most of the summer without being run over. It seems like such a dangerous place to live. If I didn’t have to work for a living, and also had the ability to communicate with animals, I would like to have a job being a crossing guard for BLMs. There is so much I could teach them such as How To Cross A Road Safely and How To Live By A Major Road Without Losing Life and Limb. Those would be some of my course titles.


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One Response to I finally got a camera phone

  1. Kim says:

    I’ve seen that BLM at the corner of McIntire and the bypass many a time, and he or she fwiw is, in fact, a groundhog.

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