Bea-Ville Weekly

We have achieved our first press!

And have received a response to it:

OK, this has to be one of the strangest web sites I have ever…been to. I was reading the C-Ville Weekly, and there was an article about this website. I probably laughed more reading that article then I have in ages. Aside from the brilliant humour that was employed in writting that article, I laughed so hard because I have always wondered “hey is that a beaver??” whenever I’ve seen a small furry animal, and to think there are other people who have thought the very same….and then made a website about it…it’s priceless. Anyways I dont know if anyone else has mentioned this place before, but I’ve seen a brown furry creature which I do believe to be a beaver while jogging around 29 and Hydraulic Road. Just when I passed the 7-11, before reaching Seminole Trail Shopping Center (which is on the right side, and I saw this beaver twice on the left side going north). I was actually quite excited when I saw this beaver (I sure hope it was a beaver) but it ran away when it saw me. While jogging back towards Hydraulic Road the beaver was again there..and again ran away when it saw me. Anyways, this is a nice, weird, eccentric little website and…I am shocked so many people have seen a small furry animal and said “hey is that a beaver?!?

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