BLMs enjoy delicious southern foods

Today I received this fantastic submission:

My name is Miss Butler. One day I was looking out my sister’s patio in Grandview, Missouri (that’s right off Jackson and Blue Ridge Blvd) and I saw this BLM and was able to get pics of it. It came up from the water out back of her house and was in her garden eating collard greens like he’d planted them himself! Each time we’d open the patio door – he would run away, but return in about 15 minutes to eat more greens and sweet potato vines… he would pick a leaf of greens and stick the whole thing down his throat! It was amazing to watch! These pictures were shot through the sliding glass door in August 2007. Thank you.

I would like to extend a sincere thanks to Miss Butler for submitting our first Missouri-based sighting! And for proving that BLMs have good taste in food, mmm.



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  1. Ann says:

    I also have a beaver-like animal living under my shed–it’s about 10 lbs., has a flat tail–I live in St. Louis MO

  2. Ann Roades says:

    I just saw one today, June 19, 2014 in St Joseph, MO 64507 in my pool area. I could not figure out what I was seeing. I thought it was a beaver but his tail was not quite like a beaver. He walked right past my patio door…….. I was approx. two ft from him. When I opened the door it scurried along the side of area & out the pool gate.

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