I chastised, I got results

Last week I wrote a post in which I criticized – ever so gently of course – my fellow book club members for not supporting beaverlikemammals.com by posting their BLM sightings. Well, it seems like my comments worked. I received a submission today from my friend Laura. Thanks Laura:

My name is Laura and I live very close to Sperry Marine in Charlottesville. Often, on my trek home, I drive by Sperry’s huge lawn on 29 and lots of times, I see one or even two of the cute critters doing what appears to be grass munching and scrounging.

I am grateful for your web site because now I know what a beaver looks like and don’t have to ask, “Is that a beaver?!” It is evident that the critter speaking with Abe Lincoln on a sleep aid TV commercial is indeed, a beaver (this commercial cracks me up).

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  1. Ann says:

    I’ve seen my beaver-like animal 3 times now-twice at night and just yesterday in broad daylight! It looks like a beaver with a flat short tail, & looks about to weigh @ least 10 lbs.! It lives underneath my tool shed in my back yard. I live in St. Louis Missouri.

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