My friends are willing to be almost naked

I have to give a major “shout out” to Liz for this submission. She saw a BLM in her neighbor’s yard and ran outside to snap a picture even though all she was wearing was a towel. Why she was hanging around her house in a towel I don’t know, but regardless, she is a dedicated BLM sighter.

Extra points to anyhone who can snap a photo of Liz in her towel photographing a BLM.


PS – I’m not sure where the BLM is in this photo, but I’ve been assured it *is* there.

[UPDATE – evidently, that little brown splotch on the left side of the photo, about half way up, is the BLM]

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BLMs raise moral issues

Liana writes:

I watched this video on youtube and it made me think of “beaverlikemammals”. Technically, it’s a squirrel, but this squirrel exhibits distinctly beaver-like swimming abilities.

When I watched the video, I was torn. The squirrel *does* exhibit beaver-like swimming abilities, but I was concerned that perhaps it was suffering from its ordeal. We at don’t want to post any sightings that involve BLM suffering.So, I wrote back to Liana. I said:

Thanks for sending this video. That squirrel is definitely a good swimmer. The only thing is, I am worried about what happens to the squirrel. I don’t want to post anything on the site that is mean. Do you think those people got the squirrel out of the pool?

And then she wrote:

I obviously don’t know the outcome since the video is all I have to go on, but given that it is an inflatable pool, I would imagine that the people could bend one side down, allowing water and beaverlikemammal to escape unharmed.

And then I didn’t write anything for a while and then she wrote:

I double-checked my source on the swimming squirrel, and it appears he escaped unharmed. Really, it’s a tale of heroic rescue!According to youtube member brvs24:”We found this squirrel swimming in our pool, and figured that he’d been in there a while, since he was exhausted after we got him out!”

So, I guess I feel satisfied that the BLM was saved and that this is OK to post.

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Beavers beavers everywhere…but not in real life

I’m not sure what the deal is, but people seem to be spotting BLMs in the strangest places. When I created this site I assumed all BLM sightings would be, you know, IN REAL LIFE, but apparently I was wrong. Beggars can’t be choosers though, so here we go.

Liz writes:

2:44 am

I am plagued by restless nights, so I watch a lot of late night T.V. For the past few months, I have been seeing this ad for Rozerem with Honest Abe and… A BEAVER!!!!

The beaver is one of the official mascots of restless nights! Go BEAVERS!


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A Memorial Day beaver

My Aunt Holly writes:

This Friday morning (11:11) before Memorial Day, I saw from my kitchen window a running like hell Memorial Day Beaver. He looked to be in very good shape, about a year old, nicely rounded. Off he or she scurried to our next door neighbor’s backyard where I hope he has a nice safe comfortable home complete with wife/husband and babies. I would welcome him here on our property but we are having extensive landscaping done at the end of the month – oh, that’s now.

Love from your Aunt Holly

[UPDATE – Aunt Holly writes: The BLM I wrote about yesterday was NOT a beaver but a ground hog which makes more sense. I thought about it late last night……..]

Beaver, ground hog, it’s all BLMs and it’s all good.

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No mention of the lawn by Lowes?!?

Jeannine writes:

I’m shocked that no one has submitted a BLM sighting about the lawn beside the Lowe’s on Route 29. Almost every time I have driven by there since moving to Charlottesville in 2005, I have seen cute, furry little animals frolicking around the grass hillside between the building and the highway.

It got to the point that I’d deliberately ask my old boyfriend to drive if we were going to be on the road so I could watch out the window and see them.

They’re most definitely groundhogs or woodchucks. One of these days, I’ll think to bring my camera along and snap a picture of them.

We are eagerly waiting for a photo. Thanks Jeannine!

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Beavers are so dreamy

My stepmother writes:

When looking at your website just now, I suddenly recalled a dream from last night: I dreamt that while walking through a wooded area I saw several beavers swimming in a pond. My reaction was that I had to submit a sighting!

I’m glad that is starting to infiltrate people’s dreams. Thanks Joyce!

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Colin writes:

I was playing Super Mario 64 (it’s the one for the Nintendo 64 from the
mid-90s). I downloaded it on my Wii last night and spent most of the
night remembering being 19. Anyway, imagine my surprise when Mario
turned a corner and came upon two beaver like mammals. They were so
cute! But these beaver like mammals were ornery…they threw rocks at
me! Bad beaver like mammals. I jumped over them, though, instead of
jumping on their heads. Mario is a peaceful Italian when it comes to
beaver like mammals.

Colin’s previous submission illustrates his handiness with a camera phone and willingness to leap into action at the sight of a BLM. This submission shows that he has an alert mind and is open to the possibility of spotting BLMs in all sorts of different environments. Think outside the box, people. There are BLMs everywhere.

Below, please find a screenshot of the BLM. I assume it is the creature on the right side of the screen, about half way up? To me, it looks sort of like a seal. In a good way.


By the way, Colin, did you take a screen shot of your TV with your cell phone? That’s some hot technology-on-technology action.

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Breaking news!

Article from the “Hartford Courant” dated May 22, 2007:

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood…..apparently quite a bit if you’re talking power.

Connecticut Light and Power officials told Eyewitness News that a woodchuck in a vacant building caused an outage that affected thousands of customers in downtown Meriden late Tuesday morning.

More than 4,000 – about 15% of the city – lost power in the 10:00 AM hour. Downtown was without power and the police department had to go on generator power. The woodchuck escaped capture was last seen running toward the wooded lot next to the vacant building.

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Dandy sighting! Exciting beaver behavior!

Well, I have two very exciting things to report. They take place over the course of about a week. Last weekend I was sitting on my porch and to my surprise, I looked up and saw what I thought was a BLM in a tree. And this was no squirrel, it was a very beavery BLM. High on the scale of beaver-likeness. I had no idea that BLMs of this type climbed trees so I was very surprised. I was not able to get a photo of the BLM in the tree, but I did snap a shot of the location. See below. In the photo, the approximate location of the BLM is marked with an “A”, and Dandy’s House is marked with a “B”. (See here for more info on Dandy.)


I’ve been keeping it to myself, but I’ve been really worried by the fact that I have not seen Dandy yet this season. I don’t know if this BLM was Dandy, but it was encouraging. The tree climbing I sort of wrote off as a figment of my imagination.

Fast forward to today. I was, once again, sitting on my balcony when I looked up and definitely saw a BLM up a tree. There was no denying it this time, it was clear as day! So, BLM’s do climb trees! Someone alert the scientists who study this sort of thing! I was able to snap these two photos of the BLM:



After I took these photos the BLM gallomped away and a while later I saw him sticking his head out of Dandy’s door! So I guess it is Dandy! Or at least Dandy’s house guest!


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An “A” for effort

Colin writes:

I was killing time in the UVA cemetery near Gilmer Hall. It’s something I do when I’m bored. Not very much moves in a cemetery, so the BLM easily caught my attention. I watched it run across a few yards of cemetery and then it disappeared between two flat gravestones. I thought it was just hiding, so I walked up to it slowly. BLMs seem really really unhappy to be photographed. When I got closer, I noticed it had dug a hole underneath one of the gravestones. And there were lots of flies coming out of the hole. Kind of really gross, actually, and I just tried not to think too much about it. I waited and waited and waited for the BLM to come out. This is the best I could do. S/he was a very bashful beaver like mammal. Plus I only had my camera phone, so it’s not so perfect. Now I know where s/he lives though, so I’ll be back.

Colin sent three photos with his submission, which are posted below. Colin definitely deserves an “A” for effort, and I think we all need to stop and pause and consider the fact that Colin really is a model BLM sighting submitter, what with his quick thinking, ability to use a camera phone, and informative blurb. Thanks Colin!




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